What Types of Trucks Can ATC Transport?

There are over 15 million trucks in the United States. Of these, two million are tractor-trailers. If you’re involved in the world of fleet management, you’ll know how crucial truck transportation is.

Managing your inventories of trucks is critical, and being able to transport trucks between different fleets is essential. ATC can help you. We’ve been in this business since 2001, are proudly a veteran-owned business, and are experts in transporting all different types of trucks.

Which types of trucks do we work with? We’re glad that you’ve asked. We can transport all of the most common types of trucks that you have in your inventory. When you’re ready to find out which parts of your fleet we can work with, read on!

Vans and Buses

These are the smallest types of trucks that we transport, but no less important for their size. We can transport everything from two-ton minivans up to the largest buses and RVs. We are also happy to transport emergency vehicles for you.

We understand that these vehicles need to be kept in pristine condition inside and out. That’s why, when we move these trucks, we take the utmost care to leave them exactly as we found them.

Whatever size van or bus your firm employs, we can ship them between destinations.

Cargo Trucks

These are some of the largest trucks that we transport. Whatever types of trucks you use to ship your cargo, we’ve got you covered. These include light trucks like lift-gate trucks, box trucks, and package cars. If you manage a removal companies’ fleet or work for a courier, this category will be what you’re looking for.

Yet you’ll also find some of the largest trucks in this category. Some examples of these large trucks include flatbed trucks and their derivatives known as stake beds, which contain wooden or metal fencing around the bed.

We can also transport the power units from tractor-trailers. If you don’t need the whole trailer transporting, but just the cab, look no further. Moving these between fleets can make your business a lot more efficient, as power units are very versatile units.

Construction Trucks

Construction sites need a ton of different trucks to keep everything ticking over. The construction industry also tends to move around a lot. When one site is finished, those vehicles need to be moved to the next one, and we can transport these types of trucks for you!

We can move huge cement mixing trucks, crane trucks, dump trucks, and tool trucks. We can also help you move railroad trucks, which you may have mounted to a small railroad for ease of use and efficiency.

No matter what kind of construction trucks you’re using, we’ve got your back. We’re licensed to move any and all large trucks from one site to another or back to your depot.

Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks are part of the lifeblood of industry. Used for transporting liquids of all kinds from one spot to another, they can be cumbersome to relocate.

Do you own a dairy farm and need your milk tanker moved from one site to another? We can do that. If you need water tankers moved, we can help there, too! We can even move the most specialized kinds of tankers. Vacuum tankers, for instance, are used for transporting sludgy materials and have a whole host of complex pumping machinery mounted to them. We can move these.

What’s more, we even have drivers that are licensed to drive hazmat tankers. If you’re in an industry that requires frequent transportation of hazardous materials, look no further.

Wrecker/Tow Trucks

A lot of tow truck companies operate across multiple cities. As such, these trucks need to be moved frequently to areas where there is higher demand. We can move flatbed trucks, wheel-lift trucks, and hook and chain trucks. No matter what kind of wreckers you use, we can move it.

Utility Trucks and Refuse Trucks

All municipalities and companies need these types of trucks. As many of these are not tied to one location, you need to move them a lot. There are a lot of different types of trucks in this category.

For utility trucks, we can move power trucks, bucket trucks, and drilling trucks. For refuse trucks, we deal with rear loaders, front loaders, side loaders, and roll-offs. We are happy to move all sizes of trucks.

Road Maintenance Trucks

Like construction trucks, road maintenance trucks need to be on hand across the nation within a few day’s notice. We deal with asphalt sprayers, snowplows, waste trucks, and salting trucks. Whether you need to move these trucks between different areas of the country that have been hit by blizzards or from one part of a state to another, we can help.

ATC Can Help With Almost All Types of Trucks

We’ve shown you that we can deal with almost all types of trucks. Now let’s take a look at why we’re your best bet.

We Have An Array of Licenses

We are happy to count drivers with a variety of licenses in our ranks. Licenses our staff have include:

  • CDL Class A
  • CDL Class B
  • T Endorsement
  • P Endorsement
  • S Endorsement
  • N Endorsement
  • H Endorsement
  • TWIC Card

We Are An Established Business

We have been active since 2001 and have satisfied customers in a huge range of industries.

We Match Drivers to Your Vehicles

We don’t try to get you out of the door as soon as possible. We will carefully match an experienced driver to your vehicle and needs.

Ready to Get Started?

We’ve shown you all the types of trucks that we can deal with. We’ve shown you why we’re your best bet. Are you ready to hire us? If you’d like a quote, or if you have any questions for us, please contact us. We’d be very happy to hear from you!

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