Women and Trucking Do Go Hand-In-Hand!

The trucking industry often faces unique challenges when it comes to hiring, such as struggling to fill open trucker positions thanks to high turnover, retirement and an increased demand for goods, driving an increased need for drivers. While the majority of drivers are traditionally men, women who are often prime candidates for the trucking industry, statistically excel in these roles but are often overlooked.

Women Have a Lot to Contribute to the Trucking Industry

Women are often known for taking better care of their equipment, being easier to train, and having superior customer service and paperwork skills. Not to mention they are 20% less likely than men to be involved in a crash, making them a money saving investment as drivers.

The Trucking Industry Has a Lot to Offer Women

The average annual salary for heavy and tractor-trailer drivers is just over $43,000, which is above the federal minimum wage. Since truckers are paid by the mile or the load there is also no gender pay gap among drivers. Driving a truck offers better benefits and greater stability than common positions such as food service or home health aides, including opportunities for advancement into management or office roles. It also offers opportunities to work as a contractor and determine your own schedule.

Since over 90% of drivers are male, the trucking industry has long been viewed as a masculine profession. Due to this unconscious bias employers may not be aware that their recruiting efforts are primarily targeted towards men, and female job seekers may not be aware that trucking is an open opportunity for them. However, with social media and new awareness building we believe that these demographics will continue to change, and the trucking industry will represent a diverse group of drivers in the future.

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