What Do Driveaway Services Entail?

Everything You Need to Know About Driveaway Services

You’ve just purchased a new vehicle for your business, either from across the state or from a different country, and you’ll need to find a way to get it to your facilities. Or, perhaps your company is moving, and you don’t want/are unable to transport the vehicles to the new location yourself.

In these scenarios, there are two standard methods for moving a vehicle – car shipping or a driveaway service. This article will focus on what driveaway services entail and why it could be the right option for you.

What is Driveaway?

A driveaway service is where you hire someone to transport/drive your vehicle on your behalf. It means going to a reputable company, who has responsible, reliable individuals who are willing to drive someone else’s vehicle, usually a long distance.

Put another way; driveaway is a professional transportation service, where your vehicle is driven by another driver.

The Perks

Aside from having someone else deal with the hassle of a long drive, a driveaway service offers other advantages too.

Faster Shipping

Your car will be driven from A to B. It will be taken to the final destination you have specified, so it will, therefore, be much quicker in comparison to a traditional auto-transport service. Once the designated driver has got the vehicle, they have one focus: deliver your vehicle safely and quickly. There’s no waiting around — no waiting for other vehicles to be loaded or unloaded. As the driver’s only focus is your vehicle, that’s what they will be concerned with.

If you were to choose an auto shipping service instead, your vehicle would be loaded with others onto a trailer that’s all headed for the same destination. The more vehicles loaded, the more economical their trip, so they want to wait until it’s as full as possible. As they want to wait for a minimum number of vehicles to be on the shipment before setting off, this can cause significant delays.

This differs hugely from what a driveaway service offers. As stated above, you are assigned a driver, and they drive wherever it needs to go. Even if the shipment wasn’t delayed, a driveaway service will probably still be the quicker option. They go from A to B, instead of taking detours or stopping off en route for other vehicles.

Delivered Right to You

You don’t need to wait for shipment. You have a professional driver who will pick the vehicle up and deliver it to the destination specified, right into a designated area in your facility. This means there’s no having to pick the vehicle up at a terminal or find a way to get to a drop-off location. It’s all done for you.

Personalized Service

Choosing a driveaway service means opting for more personalized service. Discuss with the company what they offer and other additional services. For example, some can transport additional equipment or products and our company ATC Driveaway can also provide all of the licensing and permitting for your vehicles.

If the vehicles in question are highly specified equipment, driveaway provides a more personalized approach with drivers who know how to handle your equipment – from mobile cranes to tanker trucks and digger derricks. You can find a company like ATC that specializes in transportation for commercial trucks and fleets.

To sum up, driveaway services offer clients a personalized service to transport their vehicles from one destination to another. A designated driver can pick-up and deliver your items to a specified location.

There are other options, such as choosing to drop off your vehicle or getting the service tailored to transport personal items along with the vehicle. Still, these services vary depending on the provider.

If you’ve enjoyed this article and would like to know more, please contact us.

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