How to stay Healthy on the Road

There is one key to staying healthy on the road…staying healthy off the road! We all know that proper diet and exercise is the route to longevity, but what does it do for us NOW? Absolutely everything, and some basic habits can make your next drive more enjoyable as you give your body what it needs to treat you well.



Your next stop will offer every beverage possible to energize and “refuel” you. From soda to energy drinks to endless flavors of gourmet coffee…every one of these actually does more harm than good. The biggest need your body has is water. Are you drinking at least eight glasses a day? The Mayo Clinic recommends that as a minimum to keep yourself hydrated and all your organs functioning optimally.


Green Foods

Instead of stocking up on high-carbohydrate snacks and energy drinks, consider packing your cooler with crunchy vegetables, turkey sticks and cheeses. Granola bars and almonds provide necessary proteins that will keep your mind alert and sustain you long enough to get to the next stop. It doesn’t sound nearly as “fun” as devouring some Little Debbie’s, but try these and wait just a half hour; you will receive a burst of energy rather than that sluggish crash you would typically experience from sugars.


A Kitchen

Your time on the road will be greatly affected by your mealtime off the road. When you reserve your accommodations, make sure you have a kitchen. Eating fast food or meals on the run are the quickest way to deplete your body of the necessary fuel it needs to be alert and healthy.


A Gym

Getting in 10 minutes of exercise three times a day will increase your heart health and stimulate your mind. This exercise can vary from a brisk walk to weight-lifting to yoga…anything to get your body moving. There are endless exercise apps that offer great motivation and practical fitness goals. Try some of The Best 10 Fitness Apps of 2023 and choose your favorite!



Nothing replaces necessary sleep. When planning your stops, don’t be tempted to drive ‘til you start to feel sleepy. Set your driving goal before you get behind the wheel and ensure that you have adequate rest for another day’s work. If you find that you crave sugary snacks when you finish up a day behind the wheel, it’s a sure sign you’re not getting enough sleep. Your body is needing energy, and sugar is a quick and deceptive fix. Try a handful of trail mix or a “sweet” frozen yogurt bar instead. Protein is always a healthier choice than sugar, improving your quality of sleep and making you ready for a healthier tomorrow on the road.