9 Crucial Questions to Ask a Truck Transport Company Before Hiring

Transporting trucks is not as straightforward as transporting regular vehicles. Commercial trucks are bulky and heavy, which means they need better care while transporting. So how do you find the right truck transport company?

The first step is likely to be a Google search for the best truck transport company. You’ll click on some of the first results that seem the most reputable, choose one, and book the shipment.

However, there is a little more effort you have to put in to ensure you do hire the most reputable company that will not only deliver your truck but protect it and bring it to you without any damages.

How Do You Find the Best Truck Transport (Driveaway) Company?

Looking at a company website is not enough to tell how they operate and if they are trustworthy enough to hire. There are so many commercial truck shipping companies out there, most of which have made it quite easy to get online quotes. This means that it’s very tempting to book the first company that offers you a seemingly reasonable price, without digging deeper.

One of the most advisable steps you can take before hiring a hauling truck is to ask the right questions. It’s better when you’re speaking directly to a representative so they can answer all the questions you have in person.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the most crucial questions you need to ask a truck shipping company before you book their services.

1. Is Your Company a Carrier, Broker or Transport Management Company?

Brokers have no trucks, so they find carriers and then schedule the shipments. Carriers, on the other hand, own trucks, so they ship and deliver the vehicles. Auto transport management companies, on the other hand, have their own trucks, and they don’t go through brokers. This means they manage the whole process from quote to delivery.

The benefits of hiring an auto transport management company are that they’ll deal directly with you through the whole shipment process and solve problems much faster since they are concerned for both you as the customer, and the shipment.

2. What Services Does Your Company Offer?

This may seem like an obvious question to most because it’s straightforward that a truck shipping company will transport commercial trucks, right? The thing is, there is much more to it than that. You’ll find that some truck shipping companies exclusively offer open-air trailers while others offer enclosed trailers.

You can also choose between a single carrier and a multi-carrier truck shipping company, depending on how many trucks you want shipped. Beyond that, some companies ship non-working trucks or those that have been involved in accidents, while others don’t. Some truck shipping companies go the extra mile to coordinate long haul shipments by trains or boats if necessary.

3. Do You Offer Free Quotes?

You should feel no obligation to enlist a company even if they offer you a quote. Most truck transport companies understand that as a business owner, you’ve to get multiple quotes from different companies before settling on the right one. Inquire if you need to make a deposit to get a quote and if they say yes, it means you’re making a commitment, so stay away.

4. How Much Will the Process Cost?

There’s nothing worse than hiring a company with hidden costs to the point that you end up with a seemingly exaggerated price at the end. While speaking to the representative, explain everything about your commercial truck and ask them for the price. Ensure that the quote includes everything and, if possible, ask them to offer you an itemized list that clearly shows all the fees and charges you’ll incur.

5. Is Your Company Licensed and Registered?

It’s quite easy to find out if the truck transport company is licensed or not, but it’s easier to hear it from the company representative.

Truck shipping companies must have the USDOT number usually provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as they transport commercial trucks across different states. International shipping companies, on the other hand, need licenses from the Federal Maritime Commission. Once you’ve confirmed they have the license, check their track record, safety records, and operating statuses just to be sure.

6. What Insurance Does the Company Offer?

Any reputable truck transport company will have full insurance. They need to have enough coverage to cover any issues or emergencies that happen before or during transit. Inquire what shipping options they have, and if you need to buy extra insurance.

Beyond that, read the insurance certificate carefully to understand if you’ll have to pay a deductible, whether they insure the whole vehicle or just parts of it, and anything else you need to.

7. What About Pickup and Drop Off Locations?

It would be inconvenient if you have to travel some distance to get the truck yourself. Most companies have their designated drop off locations, but check whether it’s actually convenient for you depending on where the car needs to be delivered. Some companies will charge you more for door delivery, but it may be worth it.

8. What Documents Will You Need From Me?

Most companies ask for an ID photo, registration, and insurance documents. However, others may require a car title before they can ship it for you. This only applies to domestic shipments. If you’re trying to ship internationally, then you need to research what other requirements are necessary to avoid having problems in transit.

9. Will You Need My Presence at the Pickup and Drop Off Locations?

Some companies will ask for the presence of an adult during both pickup and delivery. This is because they may need someone to hand over and accept the keys or even sign the necessary paperwork. However, it may not have to be you in person. If you’re busy at work, you have a company representative or one of your trusted employees see to it that the truck gets there on time and safely.

Choosing the Right Driveaway Company

These are some of the most prudent questions you need to ask a truck transport company when shipping your commercial trucks. Do your due diligence and check online reviews of the company just to be sure.

If you’re currently searching for the right truck driveaway company don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free quote and trustworthy services.